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Domestic stainless steel supply analysis: capacity continues to expand, the future supply pressure rising

October 9, 2019

Future stainless steel capacity will gradually excess.Due to the tightening of nickel mines in Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries, many domestic stainless steel plants have been built in the local stainless steel, due to the limited ability of Indonesia and other countries to digest stainless steel products, most of these stainless steel products returned to the domestic.Since 2017, the import of Indonesian primary stainless steel has increased substantially. With the release of domestic stainless steel production capacity of delong, qingshan and other domestic stainless steel enterprises in the Philippines and Indonesia, it is expected to increase the domestic supply of stainless steel by 1 million tons per year.By the end of 2018, Indonesia had built a stainless steel crude steel capacity of 3 million tons, 1.5 million tons under construction and 1.5 million tons planned.With the production capacity of Indonesia jinchuan, Indonesia zhenshidong, Indonesia xinxing cast pipe and other nickel-iron production enterprises, it is estimated that by 2021, the production capacity of Indonesia and the Philippines stainless steel may exceed 10 million tons.But at present Indonesia capacity release growth slowed down, a short time back to domestic stainless steel on the impact of the domestic stainless steel industry is smaller.By 2021, China is expected to add 9.96 million tons of stainless steel crude steel capacity, an increase of 26.8%.