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What is Cold Drawn Steel?

December 28, 2022

Cold Drawn Steel is fundamentally the hot rolled steel drawn passing through dies to achieve the final shape. The dies apply pressure with the help of some press machines, and after passing this steel through these dies several times, the steel will have the desired dimensions. This process is known as Cold drawn, due to the fact that it occurs at room temperature (below the re-crystallization temperature), enhancing with this the accuracy of dimensions (Tolerances) and shapes, the tensile strength and the external appearance of the material, by giving to the surface a smooth and polished finish.

The Cold Drawn Steel typically comes in round, hexagonal, rectangular or square shapes

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The Cold Drawn Steel has better accuracy in dimensions and roundness.

Cold Drawn Steel has better Mechanical properties than the Hot Rolled Steel.

The Cold Drawn Steel surface finish is smooth and perfect for projects that demand polished surface in the material.


More expensive to produce, as it requires multiple processes for achieving the final dimensions and shapes.

Less manageable than hot rolled.


Wuxi Xinfutian Metal. has a large number of Cold Drawn Materials.

Low & mid carbon steel:
S15C / SS400/ S45C
Alloy steel:
SCM440 / SCM415 / SCM420 / SNCM220 / SNCM420 / SNCM439
High carbon steel:
SK2 / SUJ2
Mold steel:
SKD11 / SKD61
Free Cutting Steel:
1144 / 1215 / 12L14
Special Shaped Steel:
Special Shapes