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Zinc pellets

January 18, 2024

Zinc particle is a kind of tiny particle material containing zinc element. It is usually in the form of particles or powders, with high chemical activity and good solubility. Zinc particles have a wide range of applications in industry, including metallic coatings, electronic appliances, cosmetics, metallurgy, agriculture and medicine and other fields. In metallic coatings, zinc particles are used as an anticorrosive material, which can enhance the corrosion resistance of coatings and extend the service life of metal products. In the field of electronic and electrical appliances, zinc particles are used to make batteries, electronic components and anti-static materials. Zinc particles in cosmetics can have oil-absorbing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial functions, and are often used in skin care and make-up products. In addition, zinc particles are also widely used in metallurgy, agriculture and medicine. In metallurgy, zinc particles can be used to extract and purify metals. In agriculture, zinc is a common micronutrient fertilizer used to replenish zinc in the soil and promote crop growth. In the medical field, zinc is used as a medicinal ingredient to treat diseases such as colds, bronchitis and diabetes. In short, zinc particles have a wide range of applications and importance, it plays an important role in many fields.