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Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Sheet Surface Finish Customized Sizes / Shape

Basic Information
Place of Origin: WUXI
Certification: SGS,BV
Model Number: Stainless Steel
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 ton
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Standard export Package
Delivery Time: 5-10 working days
Supply Ability: 1000 Ton/ Month
Detail Information
Finish: As Customized Size: Drawing
Grade: 304,316,316L Tech: Laser Machine
Thickness: 0.3-20mm Type: Sheet
High Light:

stainless steel sheet surface finish


embossed stainless steel sheets

Product Description

Stainless Steel Sheet Surface Finish Laser Cutting As Customized To Sizes


Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials, and is typically used for industrial manufacturing applications, but is also starting to be used by schools, small businesses, and hobbyists. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-power laser most commonly through optics. The laser optics and CNC (computer numerical control) are used to direct the material or the laser beam generated. A typical commercial laser for cutting materials would involve a motion control system to follow a CNC or G-code of the pattern to be cut onto the material. The focused laser beam is directed at the material, which then either melts, burns, vaporizes away, or is blown away by a jet of gas,[1] leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish. Industrial laser cutters are used to cut flat-sheet material as well as structural and piping materials.




There are many different methods in cutting using lasers, with different types used to cut different material. Some of the methods are vaporization, melt and blow, melt blow and burn, thermal stress cracking, scribing, cold cutting and burning stabilized laser cutting.


Vaporization cutting

In vaporization cutting the focused beam heats the surface of the material to boiling point and generates a keyhole. The keyhole leads to a sudden increase in absorptivity quickly deepening the hole. As the hole deepens and the material boils, vapor generated erodes the molten walls blowing ejecta out and further enlarging the hole. Non melting material such as wood, carbon and thermoset plastics are usually cut by this method.

Melt and blow

Melt and blow or fusion cutting uses high-pressure gas to blow molten material from the cutting area, greatly decreasing the power requirement. First the material is heated to melting point then a gas jet blows the molten material out of the kerf avoiding the need to raise the temperature of the material any further. Materials cut with this process are usually metals.

Thermal stress cracking

Brittle materials are particularly sensitive to thermal fracture, a feature exploited in thermal stress cracking. A beam is focused on the surface causing localized heating and thermal expansion. This results in a crack that can then be guided by moving the beam. The crack can be moved in order of m/s. It is usually used in cutting of glass.

Stealth dicing of silicon wafers

The separation of microelectronic chips as prepared in semiconductor device fabrication from silicon wafers may be performed by the so-called stealth dicing process, which operates with a pulsed Nd:YAG laser, the wavelength of which (1064 nm) is well adopted to the electronic band gap of silicon (1.11 eV or 1117 nm).




Most laser cutting machines are controlled by a numerical control program or made into a cutting robot. Laser cutting as a precision machining method, can cut almost all the materials, including thin metal plate two-dimensional cutting or three-dimensional cutting.
In the field of automobile manufacturing, car roof windows and other space curve cutting technology has been widely used. Volkswagen AG uses a 500W laser for cutting complex body panels and various curved parts. In the field of aerospace, laser cutting technology is mainly used for special aviation materials such as titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, nickel alloy, chrome alloy, stainless steel, beryllium oxide, composite materials, plastic, ceramics and quartz. The laser-cutting aerospace components are engine flame tube, titanium alloy thin-walled casing, aircraft frame, titanium alloy skin, wing long truss, tail wall panels, helicopter main rotor, space shuttle ceramic insulation tile.


Some Mechanical Parts By Laser Cutting


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